Jack Hutch

Born in Ann Arbor Michigan  /  Plays Ice Hockey on the Pond/ Makes art in dads darkroom/  Sells lemonade on U of M golf course/ Family moves to California/  Works in high school at family printing  Shop before macintosh/  Dad buys 1st Mac Portable Computer/ Begin working on computers/  Swim 100YD butterfly in 50 seconds/ Tired of swimming/  Move to Paris at 17/  Works as model for Missioni & Gautier/ College in Santa Barabara/  Travel 6 months every year to Japan, Spain, Milan, England, New York, and Paris/  Buys camera in Japan/  Shoot lifestyle clients while in college/ Hires college talent & produces shoot from college dorm/  Surf-Swim-Work-Dance-Laugh-Study-Create/ Drives 1961 caddy/  Parties with Elton John, Bruce Weber, Sting/  Works relentless/ Road trips & images/  Open studio in San Francisco Soma/  Shoots super model Marcus Schenkenberg/ Shoots Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Charles Schwab/ Shoots Chateau in France/  Shoots All over the World/  Shoots still life/  Advertising/  Editorials/ Fine Art/  Opens 2nd studio in Silicon Valley/  Still plays hockey/  Enjoys wine, family, and laughing/ Always fun and optimistic!!! 

                E:   jack@jackhutch.com    Studio: 415-626-6592  /  Mobile: 650-814-1153

                Repesented by: freda@fredascott.com   Freda: 650.548.2446

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